Subthalamic beta bursts correlate with dopamine-dependent motor symptoms in 106 Parkinson’s patients.

Lofredi R, Okudzhava L, Irmen F, BrĆ¼cke C, Huebl J, Krauss JK, Schneider GH, Faust K, Neumann WJ, KĆ¼hn AA.
npj Parkinson's Disease.


Pathologically increased beta power has been described as a biomarker for Parkinsonā€™s disease (PD) and related to prolonged bursts of subthalamic beta synchronization. Here, we investigate the association between subthalamic beta dynamics and motor impairment in a cohort of 106 Parkinsonā€™s patients in the ON- and OFF-medication state, using two different methods of beta burst determination. We report a frequency-specific correlation of low beta power and burst duration with motor impairment OFF dopaminergic medication. Furthermore, reduction of power and burst duration correlated significantly with symptom alleviation through dopaminergic medication. Importantly, qualitatively similar results were yielded with two different methods of beta burst definition. Our findings validate the robustness of previous results on pathological changes in subcortical oscillations both in the frequency- as well as in the time-domain in the largest cohort of PD patients to date with important implications for next-generation adaptive deep brain stimulation control algorithms.

Published: Jan 2023