ReTune Fall School 2022

October 17-19, 2022 | Apolda

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ReTune Fall School 2022 is an immersive and enlightening event tailored to meet the needs of early career researchers. It spanned across several days and featured an array of workshops and seminars that aimed to enhance participants’ skills, foster personal development, and promote scientific communication. 

The workshops offered in ReTune Fall School 2022 covered diverse topics crucial for professional growth. 


  “Optimize Your Writing Process” workshop provided attendees with effective strategies and techniques to streamline their writing workflow, enabling them to produce high-quality research papers more efficiently.  

“Mental Health Workshop” focused on addressing the importance of mental well-being and equipping participants with tools and coping mechanisms to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

“Unconscious Bias at the Workplace” raised awareness about biases that can influence decision-making processes and provided strategies to create inclusive and equitable research environments.  

“Good-Enough Practices in Writing Research Software” workshop focused on guiding researchers on how to refactor their analysis scripts into well-structured coding projects that are more maintainable and reproducible. 

“How Graph Theory Can Be Used to Address Biological Questions” delved into innovative approaches to analyze complex biological data and extract meaningful insights. 

“ScicomHD Science Communication & Science Career Training” interactive workshop provided participants with valuable skills and techniques to effectively communicate scientific concepts to diverse audiences, while also offering guidance on reducing anxiety and stage fright. 




“Coding Best Practices”