ReTune Hackathon 2022

October 12-14, 2022 | Brandenburg an der Havel

What is the ReTune Hackathon? 

The annual ReTune Hackathon is an intensive and collaborative event, to address a spectrum of scientific coding problems. 

During the Retune Hackathon, the participants chose a team and worked on a specific project for 3 days. The projects were selected to address software problems shared across multiple domains within the SFB. This collaborative synergy fostered effective troubleshooting and set the stage for further collaborative initiatives.  


What happened?   

21 brilliant minds signed up and dove into 4 challenging projects for a thrilling 46 hours straight. These projects tackled actual research coding hurdles. The participants leveled up their coding skills and the hackathon’s impact extended beyond that: the achieved results are now available as open-source solutions, benefiting neural and kinematics data analyses.   


What collaborations or projects came from it?  

During the Hackathon participants worked on a new tool for multivariate connectivity analyses, which has been integrated into the MNE package in Python, one of the most used open-source tools for neurophysiological data analyses.  

Several bugs were fixed in the MNE, and the improved version of the package is now available to the whole scientific community.  

One team worked on a novel tool to streamline the extraction of 3D coordinates from 2D videos. And continued collaborating across groups, long after the Hackathon was over. 

Finally, one team developed a centralized platform to document research datasets. 


Group photo