TRR 295 ReTune Ombudsperson

Ombudsperson for TRR 295 ReTune

Dr. Birgit Keydel was appointed as ombudsperson for TRR 295 ReTune


Why an ombudsperson?

Good scientific practice requires an open and trusting work atmosphere for the successful cooperation among all employees. An essential prerequisite is a thoughtful approach when addressing any problems and conflicts that may arise.

The ombudsperson supports the development of a sustainable conflict culture at the TRR 295. To prevent disagreements from becoming problems and keep misunderstandings from growing into potential conflicts, the ombudsperson provides professional advice for resolving problems early.

The ombudsperson is your contact in case of problems and conflicts which – despite your best efforts – you cannot resolve on your own. Also, in cases of suspected scientific misconduct, the ombudsperson helps to intervene, initiate appropriate steps and restore fair cooperation.


For Whom?

All employees of the TRR 295 ReTune can request assistance from the ombudsperson.


What does the ombudsperson help you with?

  • Communication problems
  • Career obstacles
  • Disputes and conflicts in your team
  • Difficult personal situations that impact your work performance
  • Supervision problems
  • Indications of mobbing
  • Conflicts related to publications
  • Questions of authorship
  • Difficult access to research data
  • Suspicion of scientific misconduct

Place of Counceling

Online via Zoom or Teams conference
Face to face in our counseling facilities in Charlottenburg.


Learn more about the ombudsperson and the counseling process: TRR 295 ReTune Ombudsperson