Insights and opportunities for deep brain stimulation as a brain circuit intervention.

Neumann WJ, Horn A, Kühn AA.
Trends Neurosci.

Review article


Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is an effective treatment and has provided unique insights into the dynamic circuit architecture of brain disorders. This Review illustrates our current understanding of the pathophysiology of movement disorders and their underlying brain circuits that are modulated with DBS. It proposes principles of pathological network synchronization patterns like beta activity (13–35 Hz) in Parkinson’s disease. We describe alterations from microscale including local synaptic activity via modulation of mesoscale hypersynchronization to changes in whole-brain macroscale connectivity. Finally, an outlook on advances for clinical innovations in next-generation neurotechnology is provided: from preoperative connectomic targeting to feedback controlled closed-loop adaptive DBS as individualized network-specific brain circuit interventions.

Published: Jun 2023