A01 | Mechanisms of disease modification by early deep brain stimulation in a progressive rodent model of Parkinson’s disease ‘Earlystim-Rat’

A02 | Mechanisms of gait restoration by mesencephalic stimulation in rat models of cortical and subcortical gait disorders

A03 | Retuning motor network disorders using neuromodulation of spinal sensory afferents

A04 | Motor cortex plasticity induced by stimulation of the hyperdirect pathway in mice

A05 | Role of BDNF signaling for striatal plasticity and motor learning

A06 | Central network mechanism of overuse dystonia in genetically-predisposed rodents

B01 | Toward virtual deep brain stimulation

B02 | Local and global neuronal interactions in movement disorders

B03 | Decoding therapy-related inhibition / disinhibition signaling through M1 ECoG and subthalamic LFP real-time classification in patients with Parkinson’s disease

B04 | Multisite recordings of basal ganglia-cerebellar-cortical motor circuits in hyperkinetic movement disorders