ReTune Neuroscience Colloquium: Hartwig Siebner

June 2, 2022 | 5 pm | Zoom

Precision targeting of large-scale brain circuits with transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Most, if not all, brain diseases are “circuit disorders” in which aberrant neural circuit activity determines individual functional impairment. Transcranial brain stimulation (TBS) techniques have attracted increasing interest given their unique potential for manipulating dysfunctional brain circuits directly. Yet, circuit targeting is often imprecise and not geared to the individual brain-circuit dysfunction. In my talk, I will make the following points: (i) Leveraging insights from basic and human systems neuroscience will render it possible to transform TBS into a precise tool for personalized brain-circuit modulation. (ii) Focusing on Parkinson´s disease and major depression as prototypical circuit disorders, I will show how in-depth brain mapping of aberrant circuit activity can identify individual brain-circuit dysfunctions. (iii) I will argue that personalized TBS regimes are needed to target the identified dysfunctions by optimizing extrinsic (dosing) and intrinsic (state) variables of TBS. (iv) Optimization requires online and offline brain mapping to probe target engagement and modulation. The insights yielded by brain mapping will allow to refine the personalized TBS approach based on the TBS-evoked circuit changes and clinical improvement.