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Insights and latest results of our research are regularly published in peer-reviewed journals. The majority of our articles are published open access to ensure the availability to a broad audience including affected people and the general lay public.

Calnexin controls TrkB cell surface transport and ER-phagy in mouse cerebral cortex development

Lüningschrör P, Andreska T, Veh A, Wolf D, Giridhar NJ, Moradi M, Denzel A, Sendtner M.


Here, we identified Calnexin as a regulator for targeting TrkB either to the cell surface or toward autophagosomal processing. Calnexin-deficient mouse embryos show impaired cortical plate formation and elevated levels of transactivated TrkB.
Published: Sep 2023

Pathological pallidal beta activity in Parkinson’s disease is sustained during sleep and associated with sleep disturbance.

Yin Z, Ma R, An Q, Xu Y, Gan Y, Zhu G, Jiang Y, Zhang N, Yang A, Meng F, Kühn AA, Bergman H, Neumann WJ*, Zhang J*.


To investigate the clinical potential of beta activity as a biomarker for sleep quality in PD, we recorded pallidal local field potentials during polysomnography in PD patients off dopaminergic medication and compared the results to dystonia patients.
Published: Sep 2023

Cardiac optogenetics: regulating brain states via the heart

Rodriguez-Rozada S, Frantz S, Tovote P


In a recent study published in Nature, Hsueh et al. developed a non-invasive optogenetic approach to control heart rate in freely moving mice. Optically induced tachycardia elicited an anxiety-like state in risky contexts, with the posterior insular cortex mediating the apprehensive behaviours arising from cardiac pacing.
Published: Aug 2023

Feasibility of local field potential-guided programming for deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s disease: A comparison with clinical and neuro-imaging guided approaches in a randomized, controlled pilot trial.

Binder T*, Lange F*, Pozzi N, Musacchio T, Daniels C, Odorfer T, Fricke P, Matthies C, Volkmann J, Capetian P.


New commercially-available DBS devices now enable the recording of STN beta oscillations in chronically-implanted PD patients, thereby allowing investigation into the use of beta power as a biomarker for DBS programming.
Published: Aug 2023

Identifying good practices for detecting inter-regional linear functional connectivity from EEG.

Pellegrini F, Delorme A, Nikulin V, Haufe S.


In this study we generate ground-truth data and compare the performances of various pipelines that estimate directed and undirected linear phase-to-phase FC (functional connectivity) between brain regions.
Published: Aug 2023

Intelligibility of speech in Parkinson’s disease relies on anatomically segregated subthalamic beta oscillations

Avantaggiato F, Farokhniaee A, Bandini A, Palmisano C, Hanafi I, Pezzoli G, Mazzoni A, Isaias IU.


Speech impairment is commonly reported in Parkinson's disease and is not consistently improved by available therapies - including deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus (STN-DBS), which can worsen communication performance in some patients.
Published: Jul 2023