Open Positions: Postdoc & PhD student (m/f/d)

Nov 1, 2022 | DĂŒsseldorf

Join ReTune to work on MEG based markers of optimized STN‐DBS with Prof. Esther Florin. Collaborations within ReTune is anticipated!

1 PhD or 1 PostDoc position in DĂŒsseldorf, Germany

The position is in the context of the project “Spontaneous brain activity in healthy subjects and Parkinson’s disease” funded by the Volkswagen foundation. The project aims at providing a characterization of the neurophysiological basis of the brain’s resting state networks (RSNs) by determining how communication between and within RSNs is mediated, using electro‐/magnetoencephalographic (E/MEG) data from healthy participants. For this aim, method developments are needed to inform electrophysiological connectivity analysis with anatomical information. In the second part of the project the characterization of RSN electrophysiology will be used to improve our understanding of the pathophysiology of Parkinson’s disease. A particular focus will be on tracing out the electrophysiological mechanisms underlying the effectiveness of dopamine treatment and deep brain stimulation.

The PhD will be primarily concerned with methods developments/implementation, but also data collection and experimental design. It is expected to present findings at conferences and to prepare scientific publications. Preferable candidates will have a strong background and Master’s degree in physics, neuroscience, electrophysiology, biology, computer science or related fields. Knowledge of MEG/EEG biophysics, data acquisition and analysis, biostatistics, and signal processing or the willingness and capability to quickly acquire this knowledge are essential.

Both positions are available as soon as possible. The initial appointment is for 3 years for the PhD and 2 years for the PostDoc. The salary is based on 65% (PhD) / 100% (PostDoc) of TVL‐13 and including employer contributions to mandatory health insurance and pension plan contributions.

Further information: PhD or PostDoc position in DĂŒsseldorf