ReTune at the MDS International Congress 2023

Aug 27-31, 2023 | Copenhagen

International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders ®

Review: TRR 295 ReTune at the MDS International Congress 2023 in Copenhagen

Deep Brain Stimulation: From Understanding Mechanisms to Clinical Application

Aug 27-31, 2023

A total of 10 colleagues from our movement disorders unit in Berlin (Andrea Kühn, Patricia Krause, Dorothee Kübler, Christos Ganos, Roxanne Lofredi, Jeroen Habets, Lucia Feldmann, Lukas Goede, Johanna Reimer and Daniel Kroneberg) attended this year’s Movement Disorders Conference in Copenhagen.

Our focus on neuromodulation as treatment option for movement disorders was addressed in several lectures and sessions. Here, the history and serendipity of discovering DBS for movement disorders was presented in lively talks by those present at the birth hour of DBS: Prof. Patricia Limousin (UK) and Prof. Günther Deuschl (Germany). An update on the current understanding of mechanism of action as well as new indications and competing target regions was given by sessions chaired by Prof. Kühn and Prof. Limousin and talks by Prof. Hagai Bergman (Israel), Prof. Jean-Pierre Lin (UK), Dr. Roxanne Lofredi (Germany), Dennis London (US), Terence Sanger (US), Inger Marie Skogseid (Norway) and Jinyoung Youn (Korea).

Finally, DBS was even covered by one of the keynote lectures, held by Prof. Fasano (Canada), talking about the possibilities of DBS in the treatment of freezing of gait in PD. Of course, last breaking news came from the front of adaptive DBS: Medtronic and investigators of the clinical Adapt-PD trial (f.ex. Todd Herrington, US) presented the promising first results showing that DBS triggered by electrophysiological biomarkers was able to reduce ON-time with bothersome dyskinesia. Specifically in the poster session, the chronic recordings of basal ganglia oscillations by the sensing-enabled DBS device “Percept” by Medtronic was strongly represented in the poster session. Around 30 posters from research groups all over the world were showing the multitude of possibilities in discovering brain circuit pathology, the mechanism of action and the possibilities of guiding clinical DBS by using chronic brain sensing from basal ganglia nuclei in patients with movement disorders. Here, the Retune contributions were strongly represented. In the poster sessions, Dr. Feldmann showed how beta activity is becoming a chronically stable biomarker after ~ 3 weeks following DBS surgery and Dr. Habets revealed the preliminary findings on the decoding capacity of cortico-subcortical recordings in predicting dyskinesia severity in PD.

Finally, in a crowded session chaired by Prof. Kühn, Dr. Lofredi presented her latest work on pathological circuit activity within the striato-pallidal pathway in dystonia during her talk. Overall, this conference demonstrated how timely and relevant the focus of ReTune on retuning dynamic motor network disorders using neuromodulation is.



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ReTune at the MDS International Congress 2023


27 August 2023 - 31 August 2023    
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