ReTune Fall School 2021

October 20-22, 2021 | Hofgeismar

Every year ReTune Fall School is a highly anticipated and enriching event specifically designed for early-career researchers to take the spotlight. Spanning across two days, this school provides a comprehensive platform for attendees to enhance their knowledge, gain practical skills, and foster connections within the community.

The school comprises a diverse range of seminars, workshops, lectures and social events each focusing on different aspects of neuroscience research and professional development. The seminars cover a wide array of topics, focusing on both soft and hard skills.

Fall School 2021 provided four seminars and workshops for participants to choose from.


“Storytelling for Science Communication,” which aimed to equip participants with effective techniques to communicate their research to broader audiences.

The seminar “PhD, what’s next?” offered valuable insights and guidance on career paths beyond the PhD journey, exploring options within academia and industry.

Another seminar, “Voice and Body Coaching for Scientists,” provided attendees with tools to enhance their public speaking and presentation skills, emphasizing the importance of clear and confident communication.

Additionally, the seminar on “Scientific Software Development” catered to researchers interested in developing and utilizing software tools for data analysis, modeling, and simulation.


The “Machine Learning” workshop focused on applying machine learning techniques to analyze and interpret complex data sets, unlocking new possibilities for data-driven discoveries.

The “Data Analysis Clinic” workshop offered a collaborative environment where participants could seek guidance and tackle challenges related to their own data analysis projects.

“Unsupervised Source Space Data Exploration for M/EEG” provided hands-on training and practical strategies for exploring and analyzing M/EEG data


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