ReTune Code Clinic: Coding Buddies

June 10, 2023

Exciting Update from Code Clinic’s Coding Buddies!

Within the Code Clinic initiative, our coding buddies program has taken off remarkably well. Currently, we’re excited to have 16 active coding buddies, thoughtfully paired into 8 groups. These coding buddies have already met up 1-3 times, fostering connections and laying the foundation for productive collaborations and mutual support.

Why Coding Buddies Matter:
• Collaborative Learning: Working together enhances our coding skills and problem-solving abilities.
• Building Friendships: Buddies share experiences, creating a sense of belonging in our community.
• Inclusivity: At Code Clinic, we’re all about embracing diversity. Our coding buddy initiative is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity, welcoming all members to join this rewarding journey.

The Journey Ahead:
We’re thrilled with the progress so far, but our coding buddy program is just getting started! We aim to expand and grow, bringing the benefits of teamwork to more members.

Join the Journey:
Together, we’re shaping a remarkable community of learners and doers. With Code Clinic’s coding buddies at the forefront, we’re excited to continue learning, coding, and achieving new heights as one united force.
Stay tuned for more exciting updates and let’s keep the momentum going!